About Us

Our History

Established in the 1950s by a group of local parents and carers of children and adults with a learning disability, Wirral Mencap was registered as a charity in 1963.

In the decades that followed and through to the present day, we have provided a wide range of opportunities and support to Wirral individuals and families. We have developed over time to meet the changing needs of local people.

In December 2011, the organisation opened an office for the first time in the heart of Birkenhead to provide more practical support for local people.  A widespread consultation at the time highlighted major gaps in provision, including support to navigate relevant systems and services and support to plan for the future, so our intention is to create a hub of information and opportunities that can be accessed by any person with a learning disability or carer in Wirral.

Wirral Mencap Volunteers

Our Present

Our Vision

In Wirral, people with a learning disability and their families are listened to, understood and valued. They are recognised as individuals and included within the community with access to support and opportunities that empower them to lead fulfilled lives.

Our Mission

To provide services and opportunities that improve the quality of life of people with a learning disability and their families and which create a more accessible, inclusive and supportive community

Our Values

At Wirral Mencap, we’re all about CHOICE:

C – Collaborative

We listen to, and work alongside, individuals and organisations to achieve maximum impact.

H – Honest

We are trustworthy and conduct our affairs with transparency.

O – Open

We have open hearts, open minds and open doors. We do not judge or discriminate.

I – Inclusive

We appreciate diversity and recognise everyone’s right to mutual respect and acceptance. 

C – Courageous

We challenge attitudes, perceptions and ways of working to ensure that people with a learning disability and their families are treated with dignity and respect.

E – Empowering

We equip people with the information and tools they need to succeed and inspire them to reach their true potential, whatever that may be.

Our Future

Following a Third Sector Training report in March 2020, we set out four strategic objectives we would like to see, outlining the changes we would like to see by 2025:

  1. To champion equality and promote independence so that people with a learning disability reach their full potential

Survey respondents told us they want to be safe, valued and have new activities. By shaping public values and increasing access to high standards of care, we strive to give confidence and a “voice” to people with learning disabilities.

  1. To provide knowledge and build confidence to improve personal well-being, resilience and future planning

We want to make sure people with a learning disability have the knowledge and support they need, leading to better employment and education prospects, and are able to lead the full and healthy lives they desire.

  1. To connect people to their community and others to reduce social isolation and develop personal relationships.

People with a learning disability and their carers tell us they sometimes feel isolated. We want to change this and help them become active and valued members of the community, building safe and meaningful relationships with others.

  1. To collaborate, inform and share best practice to raise awareness, increase knowledge and improve services

The report highlighted a real need for access to independent information. We want Wirral Mencap to be the first point of contact in Wirral for all things related to learning disability.

For more details about our strategic objects and how we are implementing them, click here

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