How You Can Help Us: Membership

Our members include people with a learning disability, their families and simply anyone who supports the work we do. If you fall into any of these categories, have you considered Wirral Mencap membership?

Join today… You will need to fill in the membership form separately and send to us.

1. Download the form

2. Pay for membership


For as little as £5 a year, you can really get involved in the Wirral Mencap community, supporting our programmes, events and services throughout the year.

If you become a member, you’ll be helping us with:

•    Funding – we want the majority of our services to remain free for people with a learning disability
•    Awareness – by highlighting learning disability in the local community, we can increase understanding and tolerance in the local community
•    Profile – the more people know about Wirral Mencap and the work we do, the more people want to help us, either by volunteering or fundraising
•    Building a community – every member helps make our voice louder! With members who want things to improve for people with a learning disability and their families, we can create pressure for change and allow people to take notice of what we do
•    Conveying passion – members show funders and commissioners that lots of people share our drive to improve lives for people with a learning disability and their families.  

If you have any questions about becoming a member, simply give us a call or get in touch via our contact form.

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